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Ticking All The Boxes For a Perfect Getaway…

We are proud to be working with The Hotel Nanny, one of our 2014 “What’s On 4 Junior Awards” Sponsors.Image

“I’m a mum of two and like many mothers I love spending time with my family as it’s the most rewarding job in the world. From the day I became a parent I knew that I would love my children unconditionally, I would never stop worrying about their well being and I would try my best to give them all of the opportunities and experiences that life has to offer. I’ve also learnt that I need some time to myself to re-energise and break away from the mummy mould in order to keep my own identity and make time for my husband. As parents, we have an awful lot of things to nurture and it can be an impressive circus act keeping all of those plates spinning in a consistent way.

Prior to having children, my husband and I enjoyed weekends away in exclusive hotels and with a good dual-income, we didn’t think twice about it. We still enjoy a get away but now choose special occasions to indulge as we take the whole family.

Some years ago, when my eldest daughter was crawling, we decided to treat ourselves and booked a beautiful hotel in Devon for the weekend. During the day we had a ball. Molly was able to crawl the length of the grounds without us having to redirect her every five minutes, the sun was shining so we could enjoy our lunch outside and let her play with her toys on the lawn. We took her for a dip in the pool and she enjoyed watching the other guests riding horses in a nearby field. In the evening it was slightly trickier. The Michelin star restaurant was fantastic and we decided to have an early dinner and take Molly with us. The staff were exceptional in terms of services and also their ability to keep our daughter entertained so that we could enjoy our meal but it was a bit of a strain Imageand we decided to eat our dessert in the room.   The meal was on the pricier side and, with hindsight, room services would’ve been a better option.

A friend had a similar experience and it led her to launch a brilliant new business venture – The Hotel Nanny. They’re the only agency in the UK to provide a bespoke nanny service for exclusive hotels.

The owner, Angela Roach, only works with the very best of child practitioners. All nannies are formally trained in childcare and have a wealth of nanny experience, many have also trained as primary school teachers, teaching assistants or nursery nurses before they took a break and had their own children. They’re all CRB checked and paediatric first aiders, the nannies also need at least four years of experience to be considered. Once they have been selected and join the team, there is in-house training and the nannies are constantly assessed. Angela knows that it can be a daunting prospect leaving your child with a nanny, especially when you are on holiday and away from home. Therefore, she has responded to this by building a framework that offers the parent absolute reassurance that The Hotel Nanny team will deliver only the best care for the children and the best service for the parents, to put the family at total ease while maximising on all the wonderful hotel facilities.

Quite a few of my friends have had children before they decided to tie the knot. This is another situation when The Hotel Nanny comes into it’s own as the agency provides a team of nannies for the bride and groom, and also guests with children.

My kids are now 7 and 4 which means that I’ve been able to take up work again and so we can justify a weekend away with nanny services. For us, it’s about giving everyone in the family a mini break. We entertain the children in the day time and then my husband and I enjoy a late afternoon spa session followed by dinner. Everyone’s a winner!”

Vicki Cheadle (mum of 2)



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