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How Exciting!

Here we are in a new blog ‘spot’! As What’s On 4 expands and we have even more to shout about we decided a new ‘What’s On 4 Junior’ blog was in order – like the Junior awards – covering all 3 kids sites and featuring  lots of exciting developments for you as a parent and your children as they grow! In these blogs we’ll be talking about all sorts – from what’s going on for kids each month to exciting information/offers from our advertisers to celeb parents in the news as well as the latest info from the What’s on 4 team all over the world……and more!

So what’s been happening in the World of Celebrity mums and dads……. did you see Annabel Karmel on BBC Breakfast this week? She was talking about a range of issues but one close to our hearts – that of childhood obesity and the importance a healthy active lifestyle from the word go!  If you missed her don’t worry as she’ll be at our BabyExpo event in September 29/30. You can get all her top tips then along with other parenting experts as seen on TV!  – just go to and you can register for free!

Other parents in the news included the Camerons who left their daughter in a pub of all places!

Our straw poll here at WO4HQ concluded that this was one of those ‘by the Grace of God’ moments and the sort of thing that could/does happen to busy parents more than we would like to admit.

I have done it the other way – dropped the baby off at childcare and then forgotten, only to catch sight of the empty car seat in the rear view mirror much later and nearly had a fit! A parenting business contact of ours did also admit to nearly leaving her child in the car when she went to get her hair done – one way of getting in the local press!  He slept through the whole thing fortunately so hopefully no major therapy demands later in life there!

Finally….the world of WO4 has also been very exciting by the way!  We’ve changed and we don’t just mean a new hair do – if you haven’t dropped by the What’s On 4 websites recently you might want to take a look now.  We’ve been making some great new changes so it’s much easier for you to find that ideal activity for your children, quickly and simply. We now have:

More relevant local information with our fab new regional home pages

Easier access ‘on the go’ with a new mobile version so parents can view our listings via their mobile phones

And you can still find activities quickly and easily with the same targeted search options

It works so well and it’s so simple and easy to use, maybe it’s now time for you to try something different with your child?  See, and for more!

What else – well, it’s one of our most important and exciting times of the year – The What’s On 4 Junior Awards Ceremony with headline sponsors Konfidence – took place on June 15. We welcomed over 100 wonderful winners, finalists, sponsors and supporters to a champagne lunch in a luxury country house hotel – the Hilton Avisford Park and celebrated the honour of being awarded one of the UK’s VERY BEST – BY YOU – mums, dads and carers!

So that’s all for now – don’t forget our sister ‘grown up’ site What’s On 4 Me opens nominations for their fab awards this week so why don’t you make someone’s year and get them nominated for a national award?! Just go to

Enjoy the weather for as long as it lasts, survive the football and we’ll be back next month!

Suz x


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