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CALPOL Launch a Unique App for the iPhone

The makers of CALPOL understand how worrying it can be when little one’s are poorly and how everyday tasks can feel trickier to juggle. A recent survey of mums showed that many find it difficult to manage a poorly child along with their daily tasks, which is why the makers of CALPOL have launched a unique app for the iPhone to provide mums with the added support they need during this time.

With all of that growing up to do, little ones are bound to experience a few hiccups along the way so when children are unwell parents’ primary focus is on getting them better. A recent survey reveals that over half of parents feel anxious that they might misinterpret their child’s symptoms when unwell.

In response to parents’ needs, the new CALPOL app includes, among other features, essential advice on symptoms for the most common childhood illnesses. Providing easily accessible information at their fingertips allows parents’ to keep as much of their attention where it’s needed most, helping to take some of the stress and strain away from mums who are caring for their child. The app also includes a handy feature which reads the advice out loud providing mums with the extra support that they need when they are feeling tired.

The new app has been uniquely designed so that it can be used single‐handedly while a parent is holding their child. Created with busy mums in mind, the app features an easy‐to use ergonomic wheel so that even when mums’ hands are full, they have access to the information they need about their child’s ailment.

Other features include:

Dosage diary that enables parents to record the dose given to their child and will remind them when they last dosed. A recent survey of mums showed that parents would welcome information about what medicines to administer and when to make looking after their poorly child easier

Find my nearest pharmacy or hospital – speedy, essential information for a parent wherever they might be with their child when they fall ill

Temperature tracker that helps parents monitor their child’s temperature over the course of an illness

– Soothing lullabies, which parents can play to help comfort their little ones when they are feeling unwell

History – to track dosages given to their child and monitor their temperature

Information on immunisation, including automated immunisation reminders

Information on the CALPOL range

With many mums using iPhones more than any other smartphone and an average of twelve apps being downloaded by them every month, the new CALPOL app is anticipated to be very popular. The app for the iPhone is free and available for download now from the App store.


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Win a Babyzen YOYO buggy!

Enter our new competition to win one of the brand new Babyzen YOYO buggies worth £309!

Buggies have always been cumbersome and parents often face a struggle getting them up and down stairs, forcing them into car boots and on to packed tubes and busses and storing them away at home.

Anyone who has flown with a young child will also be familiar with the hassle of having to get the buggy packed away into the main luggage hold as it is simply too bulky to take on as hand luggage. These days are now over as the new YOYO buggy by Babyzen is set to revolutionize travelling with a child. YOYO is the first buggy in the world to fully comply with size recommendation for cabin baggage. Perfect for urban parents and fantastic for globetrotters!

This innovative buggy has already become a phenomenon in much of Europe and is about to hit the UK. Weighing just 5.8kg, this unique buggy is the most compact ever imagined when folded (52 x 44 x 18 cm). The featherweight buggy has a one of a kind folding mechanism which allows it to be opened and folded in seconds with just one hand and it can then be carried over your shoulder with the detachable shoulder strap.

To be one of the first to pre-order the Babyzen YOYO simply register your details at

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To win a YOYO buggy worth £309 just click here and answer the simple question

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8 Amazing Facts about Kids Yoga

image.aspx1) Just like the adult version, yoga will enhances a child’s flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, your child’s concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation will noticeably improve. Teaching your little ones to become more aware of their body, and what it feels like to stretch and relax, will help them create a positive relationship towards their physical fitness the rest of their life.

2) Yoga can help your child concentrate at school. Research shows that the deep breathing exercises may improve children’s focus. Some schools are already introducing mindfulness into the curriculum. Concentrating on the breath or feeling a stretch teaches children to keep their minds settled and focused, preventing negative thought processes and distractions.

3) Yoga teaches compassion and awareness of others. A child’s social-emotional development depends on a harmonious learning environment, which yoga creates. A lot of adults associate their school PE lessons with feelings of inadequacy and competition. Today, more children are turning away from competitive sports and moving towards ‘fun’ activities like yoga, circus skills and dance.

4) Yoga offers a whole range of therapeutic benefits to children. It’s excellent at helping your little ones move through difficult feelings and is often used to help posttraumatic stress disorder. It also helps with attention deficit disorder and is taught to special needs children, children with disabilities and those dealing with anxiety and anger management issues.

spiky_balls5) Start them early. You can introduce your child to yoga as early as — weeks. Baby yoga includes stretching, swinging and rolling, and helps aid sleep, sooths colic, strengthens the muscles and spine, and develops coordination. You can introduce new sensations such as these massage balls from which are rolled across the skin.

6) Yoga helps to develop your child’s emotional creativity. All yoga poses are related to the natural world in some way and perfect for including in stories and adventures, which stimulate the imagination and help make classes fun. By imitating animals they can imagine what it feels like to take on their qualities. This also helps engage your child’s interest as they explore the deeper meanings behind the poses.

7) There are plenty of classes across the UK to choose from. These classes encourage interaction between children and are a good way to meet other aspiring yogis. It’s always a good idea to start out with a qualified teacher. Most studios now offer children’s classes such as London studios and who have classes all over the UK.

8) Yoga can be practiced at home. Once you’ve picked up the basics you can try out what you’ve learnt or top up your knowledge with books and DVDs. If you already have your own self- practice you might have noticed their interest towards your mat sparked already. Treat them to their own mini kids mat, which will help with them perfect their alignment:

For more information about local Yoga classes for your children visit and

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10 Great Tips about Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

Our Guest Blog this week is from Cheryl MacDonald BA Hons CYT E-RPYT

545422_10151950993820486_1297208425_nAs much as mum may have wanted to become pregnant, it can still create a number of conflicting emotions when those two little lines appear on the pregnancy test.  And throughout pregnancy some mums-to-be experience a roller coaster of new emotions as different hormones race around your body. Practicing yoga during pregnancy can help mum work through these emotions, stay flexible and healthy and become positive about birth and parenting. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about yoga for pregnancy and birth…

  1. Yoga is not a cult! People have lots of preconceived ideas about what yoga is and who ‘should’ practice it. Anyone can do yoga, it helps you become flexible and calm so don’t be put off by serene looking photos of people with their legs around their neck.
  2. It’s important to find a yoga teacher that’s right for you.  Find classes that make you feel comfortable wherever you are in your pregnancy or your yoga journey and cater for all levels. Most importantly, make sure your teachers are fully qualified in teaching yoga for pregnant women accredited by the IYN and IPTI. If your prospective teacher does not hold a reputable Yoga Teacher Training qualification and specialist training in pregnancy yoga, look elsewhere!
  3. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried yoga before (we find that 80% of the mummies who come to YogaBellies pregnancy yoga classes have done very little or no yoga at all before).  Pregnancy Yoga classes have a steady pace and the focus is on practising at the level you feel comfortable at.  Everyone will be at a different stage of pregnancy and feel differently so it’s important to focus on what feels best for you (and baby.)
  4. 557308_428873157151048_898269765_nThe most important thing is not to force yourself (or baby) to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. It’s important to listen to your body’s signals.
  5. If you have practised yoga before or perhaps have been a dedicated runner or gymnast, prenatal yoga can help you come to terms with the fact that it’s no longer just about you.  Super fit mums can often find it hard to slow down during pregnancy, but this is just as important as keeping fit. Realizing that you can’t do everything the way you used to before you were pregnant is the first lesson in being a parent.
  6. A pregnancy yoga class isn’t just about keeping fit. Yes, we use especially adapted yoga postures which are safe and beneficial during pregnancy, but you will also learn breathing techniques to use to calm and soothe the mind. These can be used during pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  7. Pregnancy yoga instructors should also discuss useful postures to help get baby into the correct position for birth and to help turn a breech baby.
  8. At Yogabellies we specifically look at postures and positions you can assume during labour and birth to really assist baby’s easy entry into the world.
  9. 227823_200686093303090_935447_nEveryone looks forward to the end of Yoga classes! At the end of class you can have a lovely deep relaxation and self hypnosis session, which practised regularly helps mum remain calm and positive about pregnancy and birth. And yes, there are usually lots of sleeping mummies during this part.
  10. Pregnancy yoga classes are the perfect place to meet other likeminded mummies. It’s so important to meet other mums locally who are at the same stage in life as you and going through the same thing. Peer support will help you through the ups and downs of pregnancy and parenthood and reassure you that you and your baby are ‘normal’ and that someone else has probably had the same issue.

yogabellies_20120310_020 copyIf you need advice about yoga during pregnancy then get in touch with Cheryl at Yogabellies who specialise in Yoga for pregnancy and birth, and antenatal education.

Contact details:,

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