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What did you do this half term?

Here at WO4 HQ we enjoyed some great family days out this ½ term!

See below for our trip to Brighton Pier and seeing Sid from Cbeebies in the flesh at ‘Sid’s Show’ but first our long awaited trip to LEGOLAND Windsor.

LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort has over 55 interactive rides and attractions and costs £33 for an adult Imageticket if you buy online.  For more see the website

The excitement in the car was almost overwhelming as we approached to be welcomed by giant Lego people. It was a cold day so we had big coats and we were hopeful (as it was an inset day for us but not the surrounding counties) we would avoid too many queues.

The staff are great, very welcoming and friendly and we were through very quickly.  The views are lovely as you enter but there wasn’t time to admire Windsor castle as Lego Star Wars was upon us. We had great fun within with great characters, models and sound effects and George’s day was already made. We then walked down to the fabulous Viking’s River Splash experience which was really fun and as it was so cold, I was very relieved that we didn’t get wet!

Then we headed to the famous Dragon ride, via a great adventure playground – Pirate’s Training Camp!  At Dragon we queued for a while, it was a very popular ride and the cold did start to bite. I saw repeat visitors sensibly dressed in hats, gloves and scarves and with supplies to keep them going but the queue moved fairly fast and we were mostly inside. One problem on this ride was that I couldn’t travel with both children and it was suggested I left my 4 yr. old with staff and then went on with her afterwards. She would have freaked out watching George and I disappearing into the tunnel so if you are visiting with fewer adults than small children that’s worth checking 1st. We would have been gutted after such a long wait to have had to walk away but luckily we paired up with a couple and a lone child. The ride is fantastic – so so worth it – we could have spent all day on it.

Then we queued a long time for another little ride, the rain started to come down and here not having the Q-bot started to be a pain. I had wanted to experience the day without spending extra to ‘Queue Jump’ – especially as we weren’t there on a very busy day. The kids found the people ‘pushing in’ frustrating and annoying. Then hunger really set in so we ended up queuing again for hot dogs and then eating them in the rain and the day did start to get a little challenging for my youngest.

Fuller tummies helped though and we set off again to MiniLand which was lovely and then we headed for further rides. By early afternoon however we were starting to get cold and tired but there so much we hadn’t visited, so much to explore. Majority rule won and we headed back to the car.  I was probably most disappointed to be leaving but at least we had a great excuse to come back! There is of course a valid reason why LegoLand is not open in the winter but interestingly as the weather drove people away, those who were prepared, were loving the shorter queues and dwindling crowds.

In summary it’s a fantastic family day out. My tops tips would be

Take snacks and provisions – to alleviate boredom in queues and meaning you don’t have to waste valuable ride time foraging!

Dress suitably – if it’s a cold day wear as many clothes as you can and don’t forget gloves

Do get there as early as you can – there’s so much to do in one day

Do expect to queue, as with all similar attractions and even with the Q Bot I would imagine on a busy day there’ll be waiting times

Do plan your visit. Don’t waste time trying to decide where to head for first once you arrive or having to back-track to see attractions you missed. LEGOLAND is very large – make the most of the day by planning in advance and talking to kids about what they want do to before they get too overexcited to make any sense!

And finally Enjoy! We can’t wait to go back!

As reviewed by George (7), Ruby (4) and Suzanne and David (40 something!)

Sid’s Show

National Tour

Various Dates –see the website for more!

Having spent the last 7 (?) years enjoying Sid on Cbeebies we were so looking forward to seeing him in the Imageflesh at his very own show and he didn’t disappoint!  We went to see the show at The Old Market Brighton during the October Half Term.

The show is described as a ‘heroic quest’ to find out where Sid’s favourite socks and shoes have gone and involves a trip to the ocean depths as well as meeting aliens in outer space. It is in effect a one-man show but thanks to Sid’s larger than life onstage presence, skilled acting and engaging personality you soon become immersed in the story, enjoying a mixture of songs, magic, poems and puppetry.

There’s audience participation from the off, some great props and a funky stage set not to mention Sid’s faithful doggy companion who entranced my daughter nearly as much as Sid did!  And there’s of course a good dollop of Cbeebies mentions too!

The show offers excellent value as is longer than other ‘kid’s’ shows I have attended but Sid kept even the littlest theatre goer focussed and grown-ups amused with some great improv and one-liners. The interval was not just the obligatory toilet break but became an exciting forage for the kids, hunting for wool from Sid’s socks with one lucky, high amused mummy tasked to hand over to Sid in the 2nd half.

An especially enjoyable element to the show was that the children quickly made their way to the front of the auditorium and Sid engaged with them all so beautifully. Even some of the more shy children couldn’t resist. That probably won’t be possible in every theatre but it certainly added to the experience and doubtless relieved some parents, delighted that they didn’t have to keep their little ones sitting still and silent for the duration.

A very relaxed, fun and enormously enjoyable experience therefore and good value too!  I went with a mix of age ranges and everyone loved it so do look out for ‘Sid’s Show’ coming to a venue near you. It’s a great family outing and certainly if you have never taken your little one to a show before, this would be a great introduction with the informal atmosphere and fun format.

I have been to a number of similar shows in the past and can certainly say this was the best. Well recommended by all of us and everyone seemed to be leaving with a smile on their face!

Perfect for families with children aged 3+. For more see

AND don’t forget our fab What’s On 4 / BabyExpo competition to win tickets at

As reviewed by Nana Morris, Mummy Borrell, Owen (8), Ruby (4) and George (7)

Brighton Pier

The iconic Brighton Pier cannot be missed as you drive along the sea front with its attractions, lights, sounds and smells. I had been going since I was a child and looking forward to taking my children back. Parking on the sea front is now incredibly expensive so if you can park in town and walk down or use public transport. Buses run along the King’s road all the time.Image

The Pier offers a lovely experience at no cost if you are a stronger parent than I (!) You can walk right to the end, use the deck chairs for free and enjoy a picnic overlooking the beautiful sea, the city, Brighton Marina and new attraction, The Brighton Wheel! With the cry of the seagulls and the smell of chips, donuts and candy floss along with the ‘holiday’ atmosphere it was really enjoyable. Some of the rides were closed due to the time of year unfortunately but we still enjoyed the Helter Skelter and Carousel which both offer good value for money and were great fun although I think I was more scared than the kids on the Helter Skelter!

The arcades offer a noisy, bright and very stimulating experience where we lost of 2ps and 10ps in the machines but it was all good fun.  A really lovely way to while away a gloomy October weekend.

For more on the Pier see here –

As reviewed by Mummy, Ruby (4) and George (7)


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