Does your child love maths or science? Here are some extracurricular activities they will enjoy

If your child has a particular love for maths or science, you may think there aren’t many after-schoolextra-curricular activities outside of the classroom that will peak their interest. But that’s just not true.

We’ve spoken to the education experts at ITN Mark Education to find out which clubs are best for math geniuses and budding scientists to join.

Astronomy Clubs

If your child has dreams of one day being an astronaut or an intergalactic explorer, why not see if their school offers an astrology club?

Here your child will be able to discover planets, stars and constellations, while also learning the basic principles of the science of astronomy.

If there isn’t an astronomy club near you, browse the internet for astronomy based websites for kids. You’ll often be able to download space related puzzles and games for your child to solve at home.

Maths Clubs

Most schools have a maths club. Here young ‘mathletes’ will be able to solve problems using mental arithmetic, written calculations or a calculator. Not only do maths clubs help to increase your child’s maths ability, but they’ll also make plenty of new friends in the process.

Some primary schools even have a separate times tables club to give children the confidence to multiply numbers quickly and accurately.

Chess Clubs

A chess club is a less obvious choice than an astronomy or maths club, but it still encourages children to develop skills that will help them with their science and maths studies.

One of the main benefits of chess club is that it helps children to develop their critical thinking skills, as well as increasing their social interaction with others.

I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!

Although it’s not strictly an extracurricular activity, the website ‘I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here’ is a place where science-obsessed young people can interact with real-life working scientists to get information and advice about their studies.

For older kids, this website is fantastic for getting advice about what GCSEs and A-Levels are needed to get into certain science-based careers.

Swimming Clubs

You may be wondering what swimming has to do with maths or science? Well, a study by the University College London found that children who engage in swimming on a regular basis show increased concentration. According to research, young swimmers are also one and a half times more likely to reach higher than expected grades in their maths tests at the end of primary school.

ICT and Computer Clubs

Computing goes hand-in-hand with maths and science, so it’s worth checking with your local school to see if they offer a computing club for their pupils.

In a computer club, students could learn how to use the basics of a wide range of programmes such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. They’ll also be able to find out more about internet browsing, which will come in handy for homework!

Coding Clubs

If your child is really into the science behind how computers work, then a coding club is perfect for them.

At a coding club, your child will be able to learn basic coding techniques including Scratch, HTML, CSS and Python. In today’s technological world, coding is fast becoming a necessary skill to learn, and can open many doors in adult life.

Find Clubs

Of course, now you’ve decided what after school activity your child would like to do you need to find one local to you.  That’s where comes in, click here to search your region.


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