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Throw the X-Box out of the window!

Firstly this is not a campaign against Microsoft.  But it is a plea to all parents of children, that cannot leave the house without a smart phone, or have no idea what the weather has been like today because they’ve spent it in their room gaming, to unplug the tech and get out of the house.

I write in my capacity of What’s On 4 UK Sales Manager and parent of two children. I am guilty, my children have rooms crammed with laptops, games consoles, both portable and not, smart phones, and so on.  Don’t get me wrong, I enthusiastically encourage my kids to be up to date with all things new and I was delighted when they were given ipads to use at school, but when I talk about my childhood memories of playing out, walks in the woods, days at the river they look a little disturbed and roll their eyes.  I’m not saying that I had a better upbringing then they’re getting, but I could hold a conversation with a real person at a young age and did not have to cling to a hand held device for entertainment.

So, who will join me?  I recently challenged my kids to have a week of ‘outdoorsness’.  They can now surf (which they enjoyed, despite the rain), they’ve been taught life saving skills, they’ve learnt to abseil, rock climb, play lazer hunt, the list is a long one.  I think that they’ve enjoyed it and I’m sure that my electricity bill has been reduced. Needless to say, they’ll be back on their tech in no time, but they’ve had an experience that they can now tell their children about, and I’ll have grandchildren rolling their eyes.

If you think your kids are capable of doing something different, then give them the chance.  Use our advanced search for an actvitiy near you, or if you’re holidaying in the UK use the search to pre-book a session before you get there. We’ve even got the option to select free activities if your budget is tight this summer. Register for our newsletter to get up to date info from us. Image

And when the kids have had their fill of outdoors, why not swing by our facebook page, we’ve got some great hints and tips (check out the jelly oranges), perhaps you have a few of your own that you can share with us?

Most of all have a great time, enjoy the summer break, what ever the weather!



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