Bibs Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Lucky mums from the What’s On 4 ‘Mum’s Network’ are currently reviewing bibs from Funky Giraffe.

See below for the background story of Funky Giraffe and then click here to read our first review (…and check back soon for more!)

The birth of Funky Giraffe Bibs;  The terms giraffes and fashion don’t always go hand in hand, but it is exactly this synergy that brought about an innovative product on the European market that mums can’t seem to stop talking about.Image

How many of us at have found ourselves unsatisfied at one time or another with the offerings available for children’s clothing and accessories? Successful fashion designer Yasmin Drury easily sussed out a need for better baby bibs when she became a mum for the first time.  Unimpressed by the conventional wrap around bibs she found in so many shops, she was soon inspired to create something far beyond the pale-coloured traditional styles that babies seem to love to rip off immediately.

It was during a day trip with her little one to the zoo that the idea truly took hold in her mind. Yasmin’s mission? –To create a bib that would complement any outfit whilst fitting snugly on baby. This meant covering some of the most important considerations concerning the use of the bib.

Funky Giraffe Comfort: As any experienced mum can confirm, a happy baby is one sure-fire way to guarantee happy parents. Little ones need to be kept warm, dry and well-fed. A wet or soggy child will be miserable, and without a proper bib it’s easy for food, drinks and dribble to soak through, causing rashes and discomfort.
The first step was creating a design that didn’t look like the typical wrap-around bib, but made of sustainable fibres and soft fabrics. Environmentally-conscious Yasmin played with different themes before settling on the Bandana Bib as the perfect style for comfort and protection.
A fleece backing paired with soft brushed cotton overlay ensures that no liquid seeps through onto baby’s neck or chest. The bibs also fit so neatly that baby will think they are part of the outfit.

Stylish Babies and Parents: Old fashioned bibs do little to enhance baby’s aImageppearance. What’s more, if he or she does decide to keep one on while trying new foods, the light colours of beige or white immediately become stained, making the bib impossible to clean and wear for a second time.  A stained bib may be fine for use around the house (and really, who hasn’t used an old towel or sheet to protect their child’s clothing at home?), but being out and about is another story.

Funky fashion designer and devoted mother Yasmin used her own professional experience to create daring designs. Each is completely original and offers a fresh take on the pale pink and blue baby clothes of old. Think bold stars, pirate skulls, juicy strawberries and retro flowers; all great for adding a touch of your own personality to baby’s outfit.

Affordable Accessories: High quality affordable items for baby are hard to come by, but a fashion-forward practical mum knows that often all you need are fun and eye-catching accessories. Funky Giraffe has since expanded to creating Messy Bibs, Baby Grows, Romber Bibs, Extra Large Bibs and now a new line of baby socks. Each is manufactured using only non-hazardous water based inks and screen printing. Image

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